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Right Where You Are

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed, slightly defeated, and ready to tap out for the day. All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed, pull the blankets over my head, and escape the world for a brief moment. I know that many fellow mamas out there can relate. It is part of our jobs as mamas and wives to keep the world turning when the world we knew comes to a crashing halt. We get up in the morning and set about our work without a second thought; homeschooling, breaking up sibling arguments, preparing lunch and snacks, taking care of little ones, washing laundry, keeping up on the dishes, cooking dinner, and so much more.

I was aimlessly scrolling through my news feed on Facebook when one of my friends had shared a post about the men of the Bible having to travel up the mountain to communion with God. It had the wheels in my mind turning; every Bible story that I could think of entailed the man leaving and traveling somewhere to meet with the Lord. As I continued to read I cam across this statement; “That is why God comes to women. Men have to climb the mountain to meet God, but God comes to women where ever they are.” ⁣And I absolutely lost the little bit of restrain I had.

It was in that moment I was reminded that the Lord knows just how hard it is right now, especially right now. We were designed to be helpers to our husbands, care takers of our children; the Lord knew what that entailed before He created us. We were created to be a pillar of strength, joy, peace, and the calm in a storm. The Lord comes to us in the midst of where we are regardless of what is going on. He knew we wouldn’t be able to leave to communion with Him, so He has always met us right where we were.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

I sat in that moment for a few minutes. At a time when I felt like the Lord was getting my left overs or not enough; the Lord met me. He whispered to my heart that whatever I thought communion with Him was supposed to look like didn’t matter, as long as I gave Him my all, He didn’t care what that looked like. So I want to encourage you in this hard and trying time that when you feel that you just can’t draw close enough to the Lord, that its never too quiet enough, your never too focused enough, that you never have enough time; I want to assure you that you are just enough…right where you are in the midst of all you have going on. Trust in Him to be your strength and He will quiet your heart.